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Tomohiko Nakamura


KARIS Translation Services

Translator, Amazon Bestselling Author

Former Researcher/Adviser, MOFA

Former Systems Engineer

Former Hospital Chaplain in the US

Member of Japan Association of Translators (JAT)

Member of Japan Translation Federation (JTF)

Promoting individual self-realization and corporate globalization through faithful translation


Born in 1983 in Chiba, Japan.

He worked as a Systems Engineer/Translator at a major shipbuilding company in Japan for 3 years, and as a Researcher/Adviser at the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles for 2 years, both engaging in in-depth interpretation and translation tasks.

He provided spiritual care as a Chaplain to patients and their loved ones in hospitals in the US for 1 year.

After returning to Japan, he started his own business as an English translator. He has provided translation services to over 900 individuals, corporations, and organizations. He receives translation requests from think tanks, universities, major corporations, entertainment agencies, hospitals, and various organizations. His translation book was also featured in the renowned translator network Amelia in 2019.

He has the following qualifications:

Master of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary.

Master of Arts in International Relations, University of Warwick. 
STEP EIKEN Grade 1, United Nations Association's Test of English SA Class, TOEIC980, IELTS7.5, VERSANT72.

Members of Japan Association of Translators (JAT) and Japan Translation Federation (JTF).

Former Licensed Clinical Fellow (Professional), certified by the Japan Society of Spiritual Care, and recommended by the Grief Care Institute at Sophia University.

He has published 26 books in total.

His best-selling books include: 
- “20 Ways of Improving Your English Proficiency” (Japanese Edition, #1 Amazon Bestseller in Translation category, 2019) 
- “TOEIC L&R Test: 5 Strategies for 900 Point, Breakthrough in 3 Months” (Japanese Edition, #1 Amazon Bestseller in Translation category, 2019) 
- “The Best Method for Conquering VERSANT” (Japanese Edition, #1 Amazon Bestseller in Translation and Interpretation categories, 2021)

- “The 7 Habits of Geniuses Introduced by Member of HELLIQ/METIQ/ISPE” (Japanese Edition, #1 Amazon Bestseller in Self-Help category, 2019)
- “Assertive Thought and Action” (Japanese Edition, #2 Amazon Bestseller in Business Communication category, 2019) 

- “Working as a Chaplain (Japanese Edition, #2 Amazon Bestseller in Comparative Religion Studies category, 2019)

- “Spiritual Care for People with Mental Illness” (Japanese Edition, #4 Amazon Bestseller in Psychiatry category, 2019)


Major translation books include:

- “SARAH: ―BELOVED DAUGHTER OF JESUS CHRIST―” (Written by Akiyo Hasegawa)

He currently works as an English translator, assisting companies and individuals with their English language needs, as well as supporting businesspeople and students to learn English and achieve personal growth through his writing.

Track Record

Translation and Interpretation work:

UCLA Anderson Forecast Reports, interpreters for government officials, think tank materials, Los Angeles Times articles, TV show scripts, CVs in English, major shipbuilding systems, software technical manuals, English business emails, academic papers, personal statements, novels, e-books, real estate registries, rental agreements, medical documents, corporate reports, labor conditions, NDAs, privacy policies, beauty salon menus, corporate websites, corporate project presentations, corporate introduction videos, lyrics, etc.

Spiritual Care work:

Attending and listening to patients; end-of-life care for patients in their final days; grief care for bereaved families; care for psychotic patients suffering from suicidal ideation, depression, and alcohol and drug addiction; on-call response; in charge of intensive care unit (ICU), emergency room (ED), and psychiatric ward; lectures on the Johari Window, inverted perspectives, and assertiveness, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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