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Creating Appealing CV
for Recruiters

Recommended for those applying for foreign companies

Service Content

- Served over 100 clients! 5.0 satisfaction rate on Google! Many repeaters!

- No. 1 ranking in the translation category of coconala! (Jan 2023)
- Dozens recruited at top foreign-affiliated companies including GAFAM!

- Our service is used by even top executives of major companies!

Recommended for those who desire higher career and income!
- Especially for
job-seekers and those applying to an overseas university!

- Many repeat customers when changing jobs!
- Simple and original layout!
Appealing to recruiters!

- Delivered as a Word file! Easy to edit! PDF format is also available!

- Crystal-clear pricing: Only 15,000 JPY for up to 2-page Japanese CV.
Proofreading of existing English CV is also available!

- Cover Letter option is available to highlight your motivation and skills!

- If you are in a hurry, we can deliver in as quick as within 48 hours!

Compared to Japanese resumes and CVs, the English CV required when applying for a job at a foreign-affiliated company must not only list your career but also highlight your skills and accomplishments.

Since hiring managers read through many resumes, it is necessary to present your selling points, skills, experiences, and achievements in a straightforward manner. Therefore, at KARIS, we use a simple and original layout to effectively appeal to hiring managers by bringing out your strengths. We work with all types of industries, including information and communications, consulting, manufacturing, transportation, wholesale and retail, finance and insurance, medical and welfare, education, entertainment, advertising, construction, and public offices.


Our lead translator holds two Master's degrees from the graduate schools in the US and UK; has over 10 years' practical translation experience; has worked for four companies overseas; and has United Nations Associations Test of English SA Class, EIKEN Grade 1, TOEIC 980, and VERSANT 72 and many more qualifications. Currently, he serves as an English translator, supporting many companies and individuals with English language needs. He started this service to support you in realizing your goals of finding and changing jobs. Please feel free to contact via Get a Quote or Email.

Basic Fee

12,000JPY (13,200JPY)

Paid Options

Cover letter (per A4 size sheet) appealing your strengths and motivation

7,000JPY (7,700JPY)

Translation of letters of recommendation (per A4 size sheet)

7,000JPY (7,700JPY)

Express Option (prior confirmation required, delivery within 48 hours after payment confirmation, per A4 size sheet)

7,000JPY (7,700JPY)

For Japanese CV exceeding 2 pages (per page)

7,000JPY (7,700JPY)

Tailoring English CV to conform to the contents of job description

6,000JPY (6,600JPY)

Advice on other matters related to career change / additional confirmation

6,000JPY (6,600JPY)

Proofreading by TEFL/TESOL certified foreign staff (per A4 size sheet)

3,000JPY (3,300JPY)

Delivery Date

Normal delivery time is within 3-5 days, but it varies depending on the content and quantity of your request and order status at the time.

You can add the Express Option (prior confirmation required, delivery within 48 hours after payment confirmation).

Creatiing Appealing CV for Recruiters

KARIS Translation Services

Service Flow





Based on the information you provided, we will send you a quotation with estimated fee and delivery date.



If you are satisfied with the quotation, please place an order.



After confirming your order request, we will send you an invoice with our bank details.



Please send payment to the bank account provided.



After confirming your payment, we will begin the translation work and deliver the document by the due date.

Track Record

Recruiting Employers (example)

・ IT companies including GAFAM 

・ Financial Institutions

・ Retailers

・ Energy

・ Listed Companies on TSE Prime

・ Manufacturing Companies

・ Medical and Pharmaceutical

・ Consulting Firms

Clients (example)

・ Executive Officer of GAFAM

・ Engineer

・ Financial Analyst

・ Retail Sales Representative

・ Project Manager

・ Software Developer

・ Medical Professional

・ Researcher

Requests for Purchase

- Please send us your Japanese resume and CV first, and we will provide you with an accurate quote and delivery date. Please make sure you write your selling points (achievements, specific figures, qualifications and special skills, etc.) as much as possible.

- Please send your documents as a Word or Excel file. PDFs, photos, and other hard-to-read formats will incur additional charges.

- Please provide a brief description of the position and role at the company you are applying for.

- CVs in the English context are generally 1 or 2 pages, but those with longer work experience or graduate school experience may be 3 or 4 pages. Please refer to the samples to get the idea of how a final CV looks like.

- The delivery time depends on the volume of your Japanese CV, but we usually deliver in 3-5 days.

- Even if your Japanese CV is 2 pages, if it has more words than usual (2,500 characters as a general guideline), we will count it as 3 pages.

- If you do not include a professional summary in your resume, we will not prepare one for you.

- Personal information obtained through this service will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without the client's consent.

- We will do our best to make your CV as appealing as possible to the hiring manager, but please note that we cannot guarantee acceptance for employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I send the materials to be translated?
    Please send us your documents in Word file format via Request for Quote or Email. Other file formats are acceptable, but may require additional charges.
  • Can you also translate videos?
    Yes, we can translate videos as well. - For general video Transcription fee: 800 JPY (880 JPY) / minute Translation fee: 800 JPY (880 JPY) / minute Total: 1,600 JPY (1,760 JPY) / minute - For specialized video (legal, technical, and academic etc.) Transcription fee: 1,200 JPY (1,320 JPY) / minute Translation fee: 1,200 JPY (1,320 JPY) / minute Total: 2,400 JPY (2,640 JPY) / minute
  • Do you offer English proofreading services?
    Yes, we offer English proofreading services. In this case, the rate will be the same as the translation rate, since it is necessary to check the meaning with the original Japanese text.
  • Do you translate websites?
    Yes, we also translate websites. In this case, please send us the original text as a Word file. We will provide you with an accurate quote and delivery date.
  • I would like to receive the translation as soon as possible. When is the earliest you can have it delivered?
    If you add Express Delivery option, we will deliver the translation as soon as within 24 hours of receiving the full amount of payment. Please note that this option requires prior confirmation.
  • Why are legal, technical, and academic documents more expensive?
    Legal, technical, and academic documents require more time for translation than usual, therefore the translation fee will inevitably be higher than the basic fee. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Why can't you offer cheaper translation services?
    This is because our translation team, composed of a professional translator and a foreign proofreader with abundant experience and track record, works together in pursuit of high-quality and reliable translations. However, in order to meet the needs of customers who seek high-quality and low-cost services, our rates are extremely affordable, ranging from 30% to 50% of those of general translation companies. When you request an order, please make sure to understand the market rate in the translation industry and read our service page and profile carefully.
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