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​Faithful Professional
JA↔EN Translation

Over 10 years' experience!

High quality, reliable & affordable!

Proven track record!

Service Content

- Served over 900 clients! 5.0 satisfaction rate on Google! Many repeaters!

- No. 1 ranking in the translation category of coconala! (Sep 2023)

- Provided translations for well-known companies and celebrities!

- Outstanding professional translation service!

- Easy-to-understand translations faithful to the original text!

- Crystal-clear pricing: 8-12 JPY/JA character & 10-15 JPY/EN word!

- High-quality translation at a price 50% lower than market price!

- Proofreading of existing English documents is also available!

Translation requires more than mere English skills; it requires advanced Japanese language skills, specialized knowledge, and the skill to accurately grasp the original writer's intentions and articulate them in a way that is understood by the reader.

Although cheap translation services may save you money, they are meaningless if their translations are difficult for the reader to understand. Here at KARIS, therefore, we translate what the writer of the original text wants to convey in a way that the reader can fully understand. Our translation services cover a wide range of materials, from daily use materials such as news articles and lyrics, to practical materials such as presentation materials and contracts, to academic materials such as English essays and medical dissertations.

Our lead translator holds two Master's degrees from the graduate schools in the US and UK; has over 10 years' practical translation experience; has worked for four companies overseas; and has United Nations Associations Test of English SA Class, EIKEN Grade 1, TOEIC 980, and VERSANT 72 and many more qualifications. Currently, he serves as an English translator, supporting many companies and individuals with English language needs. He started this service to meet the translation needs of people like you. Please feel free to contact via Get a Quote or Email.

Basic Fee

Per Word (EN to JA)

Per Character (JN to EN)

General Document

10 JPY (11 JPY)

8 JPY (8.8 JPY)

Technical Document

15 JPY (16.5 JPY)

12 JPY (13.2 JPY)

Fee when using general translation company
(As stipulated by Japan Translation Federation)

Per Word (EN to JA)

Per Character (JN to EN)

29.5 JPY (32.5 JPY)

25.1 JPY (27.6 JPY)

Paid Options

Express Option
(Prior confirmation required, delivery within 24 hours after payment confirmation)

Per Word (EN to JA)

Per Character (JN to EN)

General Document

6 JPY (6.6 JPY)

5 JPY (5.5 JPY)

Technical Document

9 JPY (9.9 JPY)

8 JPY (8.8 JPY)

Proofreading by foreign staff with TEFL/TESOL certificate
(Prior confirmation required)

Per Word (EN to JA)

Per Character (JN to EN)

General Document

6 JPY (6.6 JPY)

5 JPY (5.5 JPY)

Technical Document

9 JPY (9.9 JPY)

8 JPY (8.8 JPY)

Delivery Date

We can deliver translation materials within as quick as 24 hours after payment confirmation, depending on the amount of text to be translated.

We would appreciate it if you could make your request as far in advance as possible.

You can add the Express Option (prior confirmation required, delivery within 24 hours after payment confirmation).

Professional JA↔EN Translation

KARIS Translation Services

Service Flow



Send us documents to be translated and inquiries via Get a Quote or Email to confirm fees and delivery estimate.



Based on the information you provided, we will send you a quotation with estimated fee and delivery date.



If you are satisfied with the quotation, please place an order.



After confirming your order request, we will send you an invoice with our bank details.



Please send payment to the bank account provided.



After confirming your payment, we will begin the translation work and deliver the document by the due date.

Track Record

Practical and business-related documents

・ Interpretations for officials

・ Scripts for radio programs

・ Company introduction and vision

・ Corporate presentations

・ Corporate news releases

・ Products sold on Amazon

・ Japanese sweets store descriptions

・ Beauty salon menus

・ Artist profiles and introductions

・ Description of museum paintings

・ Japanese traditional crafts

・ Scripts for TV programs

・ Corporate websites

・ Corporate reports

・ Corporate introduction videos

・ Bank passbook

・ Products sold on Rakuten Ichiba

・ Restaurant menus

・ Airbnb descriptions

・ iTunes app descriptions

・ Coaching materials

・ Caricature shop service descriptions

Technical documents

・ Shipbuilding system

・ Lithium-ion battery specifications

・ SDGs guideline

Software technical manuals

・ High Slope Excav. Imp. Manual

・ Portable power supply inst. manual

Medical documents

・ Medical papers

・ Medical certificate

・ Tattoo Disclosure and Consent Forms

・ Articles on cancer

・ Letter of recommendation

・ Hospital referral letters

Academic documents

・ UCLA Anderson Forecast

・ Academic papers

・ University Statement of Purpose

・ Certificate of graduation

Think tank materials

・ Dissertation abstracts

・ Books on international politics

・ Transcripts

Administrative documents

・ New York Times articles

・ Washington Post articles

・ Real estate registry

・ Intellectual property documents

Los Angeles Times articles

・ Permanent Residence Application

・ Rental Agreement

・ Social insurance enrollment 


・ Software License Agreement

・ Maintenance Service Agreement

・ Software Development Agreement

・ Business Partnership Agreement

・ NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Privacy Policy

・ Agency Sales License Agreement

・ Import Exclusive Sales Agreement

Art Exhibition Curator Agreement

Employment Contract

・ Notice of Employment

・ Prenuptial Agreement

Other documents

・ E-books (Kindle)

・ CV (English resume)

・ Lyrics

・ Twitter (X) posts


・ Narration for a wedding reception

・ Eulogy

・ YouTube descriptions

Requests for Purchase

- Please send us your documents to be translated first, and we will provide you with an accurate quote and delivery date.

- Please send us your documents in Word or Excel format; hard-to-read formats such as PDFs and photos will require additional charges due to the additional time required for translation.

- We may not be able to accept your request depending on the content and requested delivery date.

- Legal, technical, and academic documents are charged at 15 yen per English word and 10 yen per Japanese character due to the additional time required for translation.

- We can deliver translated documents within as quick as 24 hours, depending on the content and amount of the documents and our situation. We would appreciate it if you could give us as much time as possible to meet your request.

- Please note that we cannot be held legally responsible for the translated text.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I send the materials to be translated?
    Please send us your documents in Word file format via Request for Quote or Email. Other file formats are acceptable, but may require additional charges.
  • Can you also translate videos?
    Yes, we can translate videos as well. - For general video Transcription fee: 800 JPY (880 JPY) / minute Translation fee: 800 JPY (880 JPY) / minute Total: 1,600 JPY (1,760 JPY) / minute - For specialized video (legal, technical, and academic etc.) Transcription fee: 1,200 JPY (1,320 JPY) / minute Translation fee: 1,200 JPY (1,320 JPY) / minute Total: 2,400 JPY (2,640 JPY) / minute
  • Do you offer English proofreading services?
    Yes, we offer English proofreading services. In this case, the rate will be the same as the translation rate, since it is necessary to check the meaning with the original Japanese text.
  • Do you translate websites?
    Yes, we also translate websites. In this case, please send us the original text as a Word file. We will provide you with an accurate quote and delivery date.
  • I would like to receive the translation as soon as possible. When is the earliest you can have it delivered?
    If you add Express Delivery option, we will deliver the translation as soon as within 24 hours of receiving the full amount of payment. Please note that this option requires prior confirmation.
  • Why are legal, technical, and academic documents more expensive?
    Legal, technical, and academic documents require more time for translation than usual, therefore the translation fee will inevitably be higher than the basic fee. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Why can't you offer cheaper translation services?
    This is because our translation team, composed of a professional translator and a foreign proofreader with abundant experience and track record, works together in pursuit of high-quality and reliable translations. However, in order to meet the needs of customers who seek high-quality and low-cost services, our rates are extremely affordable, ranging from 30% to 50% of those of general translation companies. When you request an order, please make sure to understand the market rate in the translation industry and read our service page and profile carefully.
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